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Rebels with a cause: How this Malaysian engineer is leading the way in world class inventions! - Online Media Link

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Nak Mudah, Memasak Dengan Cepat & Jimat Ruang Dapur? Korang Wajib Ada Alat Magic Ni! - Online Media Link Twitter Link

Sekelip mata dah siap! Apa tu? - Facebook Link

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【独家】企业肯投资研发·产品商 业化外销 国产家电不输国际品 牌 - Online Media Link

思灵(SIRIM)国家家电安全标 准起草委员会专家成员与加热 设备工作组主席郑敦伟指出, 马拥有很多工程人才,包括 许多外流的人才,他们在国际 上很有竞争力。- Facebook Link Twitter Link

From The London Olympics, Back To Our Shores

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From The London Olympics, Back To Our Shores - Podcast Link Online Media Link



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Can You Create Hot Water Without Wasting Electricity? (Intrix says yes) - Online Media Link

Boiling water over and over again isn't just annoying - it's wasteful! - Facebook Link

现代厨房必备 Intrix Reinz热式净水功能水 龙头 】全马首创 即热式、省电又能杀菌

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You can drink pure mineral water just by turning on the tap! Malaysia’s first Intrix Reinz Plus - Instant heating water purifying faucet! No need to boil water, you can drink hot water anytime. - Online Media Link

打开水龙头就能喝到热水!真 的超方便的~

#IntrixReinzPlus #热式净 水功能水龙头 #美观实用 - Facebook Link


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[Necessary for modern kitchens!] Malaysia’s first Intrix Reinz thermal water purifier faucet - Instant heating, power saving and sterilization. - Online Media Link

这个水龙头真方便!让你可以 直接喝到热水~ - Facebook Link

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#StartupOfTheMonth: Intrix Lifestyle Delivers Hot Water On Tap - Online Media Link

Derived from the word ‘Intrinsic’ Intrix caters to one of our basic (intrinsic) needs, that of water. - Facebook Link

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Intrix Reinz Plus 室内温度, 98°C纯净热水源源不绝! - Online Media Link

REINZ热式净水功能水龙头 能完美融入各种風格,還可以取代水煲、電热水壺等杂物,台 面感觉更簡净! - Facebook Link

Reinz 肯定是厨房好帮手!

是的,你没有看错! 现在,您可以直接从厨房水龙 头获得纯净热水,用于饮用、 饪和清洁!安装后,非常满意 Strongly recommended.

#厨房好帮手 #纯净热水 #水 龙头 @intrixreinz - Editors Instagram

Success in Research

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