Established in 2003, the fully Malaysian- owned Intrix Group, is one of the top hydro and thermal technology companies worldwide, with 17 patents to our name. With research and development at our core, our innovations have been commissioned for use at the 2012 London Olympic games; and for Sir Ranulph Fiennes Antarctica Traverse in 2013 (where they designed a hot water system for use at -90 degrees celsius).

Over the past two decades, INTRIX group has been the vendor of choice due to our pioneering solutions, high quality and reliability. 65% of the group's business is from the UK and the remaining from South East Asia, comprising three business segments namely exports, projects and consumer products (Intrix Lifestyle).

Local clients included are luxury hotels such as the Four Seasons, Hard Rock Hotel, Resort World Genting and high-traffic F&B brands such as Chatime and Secret Recipe, as well as strategic collaboration partners like Signature Kitchen.

As innovators, INTRIX cares deeply about challenging norms with safety and sustainability as our top priority. We have designed, and currently supply water heaters, heat pumps and instant purified boiling water taps for both commercial projects and residential use.
Intrix Reinz is an instant boiling water tap, hot enough to cook instantly and brew tea and coffee; as well as a water purifier that provides fresh, pure & safe drinking water at room temperature.

It is a smarter, contemporary and high quality lifestyle product for this generation.
It is a wonderful cooking aid designed to provide clean and safe water for both cooking and drinking.

Intrix Reinz creates an elegant, clean, spacious & safe kitchen while saving time & energy with no hassle when boiling water and cooking (e.g. instant pasta, instant noodle, rice vermicelli, half boiled eggs, oats, brew coffee, teas, soup, etc).
Yes because Reinz eliminates all the bacteria, viruses, suspended solids, parasites and organism macromolecules while preserving dissolved salts & essential minerals.
Both use the same Intrix Reinz boiling unit, however they have slightly different features.

Premium Duo supplies only purified hot and ambient drinking water, while the Premium All-in-One tap supplies the same plus non-purified hot and ambient tap water.

In other words, you can replace your kitchen faucet completely with the Premium All-in-One tap and enjoy washing your dishes or hands with warm or hot water. Premium All-in-One tap comes with two tap levers, one for purified hot and ambient water vs the other for regular hot and ambient tap water, no additional toggling required.
No, the hot water stored in Reinz will only be reheated after a set temperature drop.

Reboiled water causes negative effects to health if the water is still contaminated (heavy metals, chemicals etc).

For Reinz, the water at the hot water storage tank is safely filtered, and there are only minerals left in the water. Thus even with multiple reboils, there is no further contamination / toxins.
Yes, the temperature is adjustable on the boiling unit between 60 °C to 98 °C.
Water reaches boiling point at different temperatures at different pressures.

At 100 °C, boiling water turns into steam and can easily cause the tap to sputter.

Intrix Reinz limits the temperature at 98 °C without compromising boiling point to ensure safety for consumer use.
The tap is heat-proof to the touch and has an automatic temperature and altitude calibration to prevent sputtering.

The advanced child-proof press-and-turn-to-activate system would prevents children from accessing boiling water without supervision.

Intrix Reinz Plus is tested, inspected and approved by SIRIM for water and electrical safety requirements while also satisfying European and UK standards.
Intrix filters are thoughtfully designed to reduce waste yet purify thoroughly.

The 3-stage nano filter cartridge consists of sediment filters, activated carbon block filters and nanofiltration membranes so microbes as small as 10 nanometer and 99.99% of bacteria, algae and viruses are effectively removed while preserving natural minerals in water.

Besides that, the filter cartridge is certified with international water safety standard NSF 42 & 53, and Halal certified.

Built to last longer, the filter only requires changing once a year or as indicated on the filter alarm system.
Yes, each unit comes with a standard one (1) year defect warranty except for the filters. The filter lifespan highly depends on the quality of incoming water. The warranty also includes on-site comprehensive warranty (parts and labours covered) at no additional cost.
An average electric kettle for a family of 4 will consume approximately between 1.8 to 2 kWh per day to boil water.

In contrast, Intrix Reinz consumes between 0.6 to 0.8 kWh per day on Eco mode which translates up to 70% of energy saving compared to an electric kettle.
In terms of electricity bill, the electric kettle consumption based on the above assumption translates between RM0.64 to RM0.98 per day (depending on tariff category).

In contrast, Intrix Reinz provides you with a similar supply of hot water per day which costs between RM0.23 to RM0.39. On average, you can save up to 70% of your monthly electricity costs for hot water.
Yes, delivery and installation is provided by Intrix at F.O.C!
All that is needed is a 13A plug point below your counter, and space to place the unit.

The installation team will be able to install the tap onto almost any surfaces including quartz stone, marbles, granite, tiles, cement, stainless steel, and wood.
The installation process usually takes less than an hour, including hole-drilling on the countertop for Reinz faucet installation and connection.

Your kitchen will look more elegant, clean and spacious than before with no cleaning tasks required after the installation.