ASSURE X5 All-in-One Replacement Filter

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a) Hybrid cartridge suitable for tight HORECA kitchen space
: 4 step “All-In-One” [ SD + CB + UF (FX basic) + Polyphosphate (option) ]

b) Reinforced anti-microbial protection
: Inhibits any potential bacterial growth

c) Longer life-span compared to current market products
: Approx. 10 % increased capacity depending on raw water quality

d) Compatible filter key structure
: Compatible fitting with the most of existing head

e) Chlorine Reduction Ratio
: Competitor (15,000 gallon) vs. 7% above (in case of 15”)

f) Robust & Aesthetic appreciated Design
: Thicker cartridge (t: 5.6mm vs avg. 4.5mm), FDA certified materials
: “Easy-Grip” (Ø : 75mm vs avg. 78mm)
: Simple, elegant design/structure

g) Various international certifications achievable upon request

h) Flow Stage
: Each step can be applied differently on demand
: Various additive available (polyphosphate, ion-exchange resin, etc.)


Product Name X5 filter
Code HF-H10-JN-01
Micron Rating 0.1
Flow Rate (GPM) 1.5
Capacity (L) 6,000L
Reduction Claims Chlorine Taste & Odor, E-Coli, Bacteriostatic, Particulate Class 1, Cyst, Turbidity, Sediment
Certificate Applying NSF 42/53

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